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Sunday, February 21, 2010


After a fun-filled weekend working at the bridal shop, I am off to work a PR conference at Coca-Cola this week. I am so excited!!!! It will be held at the headquarters in Atlanta. I hope I can network and meet some important people who can help me in my career. Since I will be graduating soon I thought it was imperative that I make myself a part of such an opportunistic event.

On another note, we finally figured out why we couldn't find Renea's ( best friend) dress in any Casa Blanca bridal magazines. She wants a dress from "The Diamond Collection"...this is an exclusive new line they just put out and we do not have any of the new line at our shop, nor any of the books the line will be in. Right now it is all a mystery, but we are going to call and see if we can get it sent into the shop for her.

I have the busiest week ever, I will be at this informational Coke meeting for the afternoon & then the rest of the day/night will be dedicated to studying for my Theory exam. I am so nervous about this test, this class is going to be the death of me!!!! Then Monday class and dress shopping, Tuesday and Wednesday Coca-Cola. Thursdays are awful because I am sitting in the classroom virtually all day long, Work Friday, Jessica's baby-shower on Saturday along with all the many things I have to do for Spring Break ( so sad.... last one) and then I work again on Sunday. Tell me how I still manage to keep above a 3.0. Pure talent(lol) ! Well I am getting a grip of this blog thing, As soon as I get my new camera I can upload some photos. I am just praying this week is filled with success instead of sleep deprivation.

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