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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been away for a while, but I am back to update!!!!

My final FULL semester of college is coming to an end. Next week is finals and I couldn't be any happier. I was projected to graduate in May but I had some misguiding as far as classes were concerned, therefore, I have two classes I must take in June and July and I will be a college graduate July 28, 2010.
I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am so happy to apply for job positions, I just hope I am able to get one. Everyone keeps telling me the economy is awful but I have to disagree. Public Relations is always needed, as well as event planning. I am sure I will end up doing something in between.
I keep in touch with Jiwon who is involved in event planning and is responsible for ALLURE. She is my go-to girl, and I look up to her in so many ways as well as respect her advice and guidance. She is a self- starter and is known in the industry very well, I would recommend her company and her staff for any occasion. We worked a successful event for THE KNOT last Tuesday and it was fun with a mixture of hard-work.
I think my ship has sailed as far as the bridal shop is concerned. I needed more money and it just wasn't available there. I adore the people who gave me the opportunity when I needed it. I will definitely go there when I am planning a wedding for myself. In the mean time, I will be a cart-girl at a local golf course for the summer. Those girls bank in tips and I am capable of being very personable. I look at it as another networking opportunity, for the short time left I have in school.

I have also been considering my own dance studio. I know what I want and how I could make it a successful enterprise. I haven't decided if at the age of 23 ( in which I will be in a few days) if I want to run my own business, or if I am even capable of it. There is a lot to think about, but I know I would have a good following in the area I am considering. There is one thing, I definitely want a two-story studio. I like the feel and the architecture of it. I want openness.

This weekend I visited one of my friends who had a baby a month ago. I have already seen the baby but this time I brought Barrett. He is so good with kids but was so afraid to hold her. He thought he was going to drop her and was nervous. He finally held her after much persuasion and it was the cutest.

Barrett cracks me up, he meets so many people and plays basketball regularly with a couple of well-known athletes. So it wasn't surprising to me that he was invited to play in a celebrity basketball game & golf tournament in Lexington Kentucky this week. He has a workout when he gets back for football, and is remaining positive in his efforts.

This is the last week my best friend and roomate will be living with me. I am sad, but we already have a beach trip planned for next week. It is going to be so weird walking down stairs and not seeing her but its just another chapter in our lives. NEXT WEEK I TURN 23...Oh my gosh, I am getting so old.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Change is Constant!

I have been away forever, but I am back on the scene. Spring Break was amazing and I do not know what to do with myself. I was in love with waking up everyday and basking in the warm sun, but now it is time to kick back into gear!

I came to a realization while I was in West Palm, that I had lost myself for a brief moment. I got so caught up in school and work and everything in between that I forgot to breathe and live out my life. Everything was becoming a routine and it was so mundane. Taking a vacation, let me pop back into reality and tune into myself more.

I have to give a shout- out to one of my best friends Danielle... as she requested( LOL). We had a blast! This was our fourth Spring Break together and by far the best one! After living together for the past two years she has decided to turn this page in her life and move out of the town house. It will be so weird! I have some plans in the works for myself so I may be moving out as well.

I think it is crazy that the only constant we see in life is change. Two years ago, I never even looked this far ahead into the future . Now I am sitting here trying to plan-it-out. That is the funny thing about life though, planning is useless. Life is going to take its own course regardless of the plans we have thought up for ourselves. We end up where we are meant to end up, it is just the choices and paths we choose to take that help up to succeed or deem us to fail.

Renea update... her wedding is getting closer and closer and I have yet to plan everything for her. I have got to get together with the Matron of honor and the other bridesmaids so that I can make this time a memorable one for her. I have never mentioned how much I adore her fiance! I couldn't have picked a more perfect match for her if I went out and chose him myself. He is hilarious and I think they make a great couple! The wedding has been pushed up to September 2010 and I need to begin planning her parties and all the fun events that go along with it. We need to get organized!!!! I love the bridesmaid dresses, she ordered them and her gown at the bridal shop I work at... they are chocolate brown t-length Alfred Sung dresses and are so flattering on.

I'm predicting the next couple of days and weeks to be quite eventful. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Meant to be Will be.

I have been away for a couple of days because my life is chatoic right now. I am working on a research paper that was nearly non- existant last night after an accidental delete. I cried for hours until my amazing boyfriend did all that he could to revive it. Anyhow, I will finish that tonight and I should be in Spring Break mode by the time I am done with my last class tomorrow!!!!! THANK THE LORD! I need a week of solid relaxation and beach time.
<----------------------------This is where I will be ( West Palm Beach). Not too far from Miami for some South Beach action.

Yesterday it snowed in lovely Georgia and it totally through me off and my flip-flop mindset. I was appreciative of it though it gave me some time to catch up on some work. I am ready for the warmth of Spring to roll around, I am so sick of the cold.

The countdown begins for Pro Day. Pro Day is March 26, 2010 at Wake Forest where Barrett ( my boyfriend) will perform in events like those at the Combine.I am hoping and praying that he does well because he has been working so hard. He works out for hours on-end,every day with a personal coach for one-on-one training. He tells me his speed has improved and he is getting stronger. He has dropped weight since this past season where he was an offensive guard. I think he is trying to go out as a tight end/ full back but who knows. I told someone one day that he was going out for a defensive back... I know very little about positions and he just laughs at me. I think a dream come true for the both of us would be if he gets picked up by the Falcons because I really don't want to move anywhere that is cold. Tampa is good too.Shout out to the Bucaneers lol. I wish him the best and if football isn't his destiny, then I know that he will be successful in whatever path he wishes to take in life.

Now lets talk about my best friend Renea and her wedding plans. THEY HAVE CHANGED SO MANY TIMES! She is now going to have her ceremony in a quaint chapel in occonee, GA. I love her, she is hillarious and can't make up her mind but I hope this is the last decision as to where she wants to get married. I want to throw her couples shower in June, on a cool evening by the pool. I have some really good ideas.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

I am finally able to find some time to blog about my past couple of days. The Social Media Conference at Coca-Cola was so amazing. I learned a vast amount and all I have to say is college professors are BEHIND! I think not only should corporations go to these big conferences, but schools should go as well. I know Penn State was there and had a representative but that is only because I looked at the attendee sheet. No other colleges stood out on the sheet full of 500 attendees.

I basically directed people where to go and answered many questions. I helped with registration and did anything that Jiwon or Ashli requested of me. Jiwon was Ashli's sidekick in planning this event at Coca-Cola along with Ragan Communications who put together the conference. I was one of a few selected Kennesaw State University students that took part in this experience. We had to wear all black uniforms with red ties. Whenever someone needed something or wanted directions to a specific session they knew to speak to a "red tie."
Although, this has been a rough week and I am extremely sleep deprived I am so happy I am busy. If I wasn't busy with school and work and getting involved in opportunities like Coca-Cola, I may have a higher GPA but I would be so bored. I am someone who constantly needs to be busy and I am the happiest when I am working or dancing. I am stressed about a paper that I must have done before spring break and I am stressed about the many tests and quizzes I must do well on but this too shall pass.
With all the great people I connected with this week I hope that they will remember me when I am officially job searching. I graduate in July so it is not too far away, and I am hoping to finish with the last touches of my resume so that I can begin to send it out. I want to make sure that I have a solid job ready for me as soon as I have that diploma in my hands. I am excited about my contact with Jiwon this week. She owns her own event planning business and does everything from weddings & parties to big meetings. She owns ALLURE and I am hoping that she may let me shadow her and what she does exactly. Although I am interested in working for a PR agency or doing internal PR for a large organization, I am also interested in event planning. She is hilarious and made me laugh so much. She is good... I would recommend her to anybody.
I am ready for this school day to be over so that I can lay on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice... another day at the bridal shop tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


After a fun-filled weekend working at the bridal shop, I am off to work a PR conference at Coca-Cola this week. I am so excited!!!! It will be held at the headquarters in Atlanta. I hope I can network and meet some important people who can help me in my career. Since I will be graduating soon I thought it was imperative that I make myself a part of such an opportunistic event.

On another note, we finally figured out why we couldn't find Renea's ( best friend) dress in any Casa Blanca bridal magazines. She wants a dress from "The Diamond Collection"...this is an exclusive new line they just put out and we do not have any of the new line at our shop, nor any of the books the line will be in. Right now it is all a mystery, but we are going to call and see if we can get it sent into the shop for her.

I have the busiest week ever, I will be at this informational Coke meeting for the afternoon & then the rest of the day/night will be dedicated to studying for my Theory exam. I am so nervous about this test, this class is going to be the death of me!!!! Then Monday class and dress shopping, Tuesday and Wednesday Coca-Cola. Thursdays are awful because I am sitting in the classroom virtually all day long, Work Friday, Jessica's baby-shower on Saturday along with all the many things I have to do for Spring Break ( so sad.... last one) and then I work again on Sunday. Tell me how I still manage to keep above a 3.0. Pure talent(lol) ! Well I am getting a grip of this blog thing, As soon as I get my new camera I can upload some photos. I am just praying this week is filled with success instead of sleep deprivation.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here we go...

I am totally ready to be finished with school. If I hadn't changed my major three times, I would be done. Unfortunately, it took me longer than expected to decide what exactly I want to do with my life. As some of you may know, I am a PR major. That is PUBLIC RELATIONS for those who are not knowledgeable of the abbreviations. I am having a crazy last semester and I am drowning in assignments. On a happier note, I am helping my best friend plan a beautiful wedding. This is my first wedding that I am involved in, I mean hands on involved. We are trying to locate a dress that she saw in a magazine. Ironically since I now picked up a job at a local bridal shop, I should be able to find it for her.... =)