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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Change is Constant!

I have been away forever, but I am back on the scene. Spring Break was amazing and I do not know what to do with myself. I was in love with waking up everyday and basking in the warm sun, but now it is time to kick back into gear!

I came to a realization while I was in West Palm, that I had lost myself for a brief moment. I got so caught up in school and work and everything in between that I forgot to breathe and live out my life. Everything was becoming a routine and it was so mundane. Taking a vacation, let me pop back into reality and tune into myself more.

I have to give a shout- out to one of my best friends Danielle... as she requested( LOL). We had a blast! This was our fourth Spring Break together and by far the best one! After living together for the past two years she has decided to turn this page in her life and move out of the town house. It will be so weird! I have some plans in the works for myself so I may be moving out as well.

I think it is crazy that the only constant we see in life is change. Two years ago, I never even looked this far ahead into the future . Now I am sitting here trying to plan-it-out. That is the funny thing about life though, planning is useless. Life is going to take its own course regardless of the plans we have thought up for ourselves. We end up where we are meant to end up, it is just the choices and paths we choose to take that help up to succeed or deem us to fail.

Renea update... her wedding is getting closer and closer and I have yet to plan everything for her. I have got to get together with the Matron of honor and the other bridesmaids so that I can make this time a memorable one for her. I have never mentioned how much I adore her fiance! I couldn't have picked a more perfect match for her if I went out and chose him myself. He is hilarious and I think they make a great couple! The wedding has been pushed up to September 2010 and I need to begin planning her parties and all the fun events that go along with it. We need to get organized!!!! I love the bridesmaid dresses, she ordered them and her gown at the bridal shop I work at... they are chocolate brown t-length Alfred Sung dresses and are so flattering on.

I'm predicting the next couple of days and weeks to be quite eventful. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

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  1. It's so timely that you wrote that and I'm so glad I came across it... very much in the same place as far as thinking about change goes. Love you and miss you! Hope you're doing great. I really want to catch up soon! xoxo