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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's Meant to be Will be.

I have been away for a couple of days because my life is chatoic right now. I am working on a research paper that was nearly non- existant last night after an accidental delete. I cried for hours until my amazing boyfriend did all that he could to revive it. Anyhow, I will finish that tonight and I should be in Spring Break mode by the time I am done with my last class tomorrow!!!!! THANK THE LORD! I need a week of solid relaxation and beach time.
<----------------------------This is where I will be ( West Palm Beach). Not too far from Miami for some South Beach action.

Yesterday it snowed in lovely Georgia and it totally through me off and my flip-flop mindset. I was appreciative of it though it gave me some time to catch up on some work. I am ready for the warmth of Spring to roll around, I am so sick of the cold.

The countdown begins for Pro Day. Pro Day is March 26, 2010 at Wake Forest where Barrett ( my boyfriend) will perform in events like those at the Combine.I am hoping and praying that he does well because he has been working so hard. He works out for hours on-end,every day with a personal coach for one-on-one training. He tells me his speed has improved and he is getting stronger. He has dropped weight since this past season where he was an offensive guard. I think he is trying to go out as a tight end/ full back but who knows. I told someone one day that he was going out for a defensive back... I know very little about positions and he just laughs at me. I think a dream come true for the both of us would be if he gets picked up by the Falcons because I really don't want to move anywhere that is cold. Tampa is good too.Shout out to the Bucaneers lol. I wish him the best and if football isn't his destiny, then I know that he will be successful in whatever path he wishes to take in life.

Now lets talk about my best friend Renea and her wedding plans. THEY HAVE CHANGED SO MANY TIMES! She is now going to have her ceremony in a quaint chapel in occonee, GA. I love her, she is hillarious and can't make up her mind but I hope this is the last decision as to where she wants to get married. I want to throw her couples shower in June, on a cool evening by the pool. I have some really good ideas.

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