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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleep Deprivation

I am finally able to find some time to blog about my past couple of days. The Social Media Conference at Coca-Cola was so amazing. I learned a vast amount and all I have to say is college professors are BEHIND! I think not only should corporations go to these big conferences, but schools should go as well. I know Penn State was there and had a representative but that is only because I looked at the attendee sheet. No other colleges stood out on the sheet full of 500 attendees.

I basically directed people where to go and answered many questions. I helped with registration and did anything that Jiwon or Ashli requested of me. Jiwon was Ashli's sidekick in planning this event at Coca-Cola along with Ragan Communications who put together the conference. I was one of a few selected Kennesaw State University students that took part in this experience. We had to wear all black uniforms with red ties. Whenever someone needed something or wanted directions to a specific session they knew to speak to a "red tie."
Although, this has been a rough week and I am extremely sleep deprived I am so happy I am busy. If I wasn't busy with school and work and getting involved in opportunities like Coca-Cola, I may have a higher GPA but I would be so bored. I am someone who constantly needs to be busy and I am the happiest when I am working or dancing. I am stressed about a paper that I must have done before spring break and I am stressed about the many tests and quizzes I must do well on but this too shall pass.
With all the great people I connected with this week I hope that they will remember me when I am officially job searching. I graduate in July so it is not too far away, and I am hoping to finish with the last touches of my resume so that I can begin to send it out. I want to make sure that I have a solid job ready for me as soon as I have that diploma in my hands. I am excited about my contact with Jiwon this week. She owns her own event planning business and does everything from weddings & parties to big meetings. She owns ALLURE and I am hoping that she may let me shadow her and what she does exactly. Although I am interested in working for a PR agency or doing internal PR for a large organization, I am also interested in event planning. She is hilarious and made me laugh so much. She is good... I would recommend her to anybody.
I am ready for this school day to be over so that I can lay on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice... another day at the bridal shop tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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  1. I thank you for your shout out about ALLURE and me : )! Yes it's a month later that I am reading this just now but life happens miss and we must seize the moment as they say. It was a fantastic event and many things great came for the experience. There are a few things I know I will cherish for a long time and one was you Bri! Aside from the constant in my face laughter and practically blowing beverages through your nose from LAUGHING AT ME...I think you did an awesome job and truly were a huge contributor to the Success of the conference. I know you will go far and am honored to have you shadow me and ALLURE on upcoming events and projects. Hey all I have to say is I got back with you before I did our friend with the10 page advice on my Brand Marketing LOL!!! I will share your blog and check in often, thanks!